Whatís on Offer

Kevin structures his courses to suit your objectives and maximize your investment in staff.

Here are some courses that have proved popular with other clients or have acted as a springboard for more focused and intense learning.

Team Building: Personal Development: Learning skills:
  • What I bring to the Group
  • Change or Development,
  • Communication,
  • Personality Styles
  • Making Mistakes,
  • Time Management,
  • Plan to Move Forward
  • Dealing with Change,
  • Stress Management,
  • Time Management,
  • What is a Leader vs.
  • What is a Manager,
  • Self-Esteem,
  • Making Mistakes
  • Learning Styles,
  • Mental Filing System
  • Information Mapping,
  • Develop new Habits
  • Plan to Move Forward,
  • Goal Setting,
  • Motivation.

What to Expect

These are very relaxed courses with involvement at the right level for each participant. There will be fun & laughter but it will also be very thought provoking and challenging. As many people have said itís great to come away knowing youíve enjoyed learning.

Please donít expect a great big folder or booklet for you to take away, which will take up space in your draw never to be looked at again.

Who should attend?

As everyoneís life situation changes at work and at home the skills and techniques Kevin has on offer can help you through these life changes and they become developments so you can change forwards.

Benefits to Participants

Kevinís goal is that each person will leave the course with a better understanding of how they work as individuals and as a member of a team.

Kevin knows he has no influence over you to make changes to become a better you, but he will Give you the necessary techniques you need to change should you wish to move forwards in life.

The courses are focused on the participants and not on the company they work for.

Companies that value their staff like the idea of giving something back to them. If the staff work better as a team or on their own initiative because of a clearer understanding of themselves and their goals this will give focus and motivation which will be a benefit to their employer.

Open minds work,
closed minds are dead..
but they can be revived!
Kevin Hayes

16 Benson Road Croydon, Surrey, UK, CR0 4LQ
07990 783329